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    This page is updated frequently to show the exact cards that added to our football mystery packs once sealed and distributed.

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  • What Are Football Max Packs

    Football Mystery Max Packs - Are professionally built Football card re-packs. Filled with Autos, Patches, Graded cards & sealed hobby packs.

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  • Here are some behind the scences pictures of how we make Football Mystery Max Pack Bang Boxes!

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We buy sports cards for Mystery Max Packs

Max Packs are getting better and better! All because our supporters are giving us better deals on the sports cards we use in Max Packs, helping us to build better boxes!

We love buying from our supporters but cannot sacrifice the quality of the cards we buy for Max Packs, by not doing our best to get the most out of our budget! To get the best cards we can for the people that support us by buying our Max Packs 🙂

If you want to support Max Packs buy selling us your cards please email MysteryMaxPacks@gmail.com

We are currently only interested modern Football Cards.


Where Can I Find People Breaking Max Packs Live or at a local Shop?

Join the Anarchy Sports Club Facebook page to jump in live group breaks with their resident Bang Box Breaker Chris Courtney ! Join the Facebook group here https://www.facebook.com/groups/anarchysportsclub/?ref=share_group_link

Download The Card Shop Live app to break Max Packs Bang Box Cases with Eddie Mancini @ Gio Breaks go here https://cardshoplive.onelink.me/WZ2q/gio

Stop by and see Jim Peters at the Lucky Breaks Shop & buy one right off the shelf @ 212 NE 164th Ave Suite 22, Vancouver, WA 98684



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Pictures Of Football Cards Used In Mystery Max Packs
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