GIO Breaks Edition

Football Mystery Max Pack Bang Boxes

  • Run #2
  • 6 Cases Total
  • Exclusive to Gio Breaks
Find Eddie Mancini or Nick Alexander case breaking this edition on the card shop live app. Clink the link to get to their profile and/or download the app.

  • 3 cards per pack
  • 4 packs per box
  • 10 boxes per case 



3 cards per pack *on average 

  • 1 Best Card - Auto, Patch, Graded or numbered card
  • 1 Better Card - Patch, Numbered, or Prizm  Card
  • 1 Good Card - Numbered, Rookie, or Insert Card

*Good - better - best card value is relative to the pack.

Look for Case Hits 1:10 boxes with $200-$400 value football cards! Check out the 5 photos below highlighting the case hits used in this run.

*each case will have 1 case hit. The best card of all the best cards in the case. The case hits are displayed below for each edition’s current run.

Floor and ceiling value are per box of 4 packs.

  • 25% to 250% of box cost return
  • $50 box floor & a $500 box ceiling per box

*card values based on eBay last 3 weeks - 3 months sold comps average at point of being purchased. This means box hit cards & case hit cards may significantly increase or decrease once it gets to the customer.

      Here are the case hits



      Here are some of the pack hits