What are Football Mystery Max Packs ?

Football Mystery Max Packs are mystery packs or grab bags at there most simply explained way. They are often referred to as repacks. Mystery Max Packs are AnarchySportsClub’s in-house professionally built re-packs. 

We started building them about 5 years ago. Even then we saw a need to get awesome cards for a low prices.

At this point we have built over 50 different editions of Max Packs bringing some amazing cards to collectors giving them a better and more economic way to participate & enjoy Football Cards.

Football Mystery Max Packs are our most recent and available Max Packs currently in production.

This is our Flag Ship edition of Max Packs. Containing 5 Football cards on average. 

  • 1 Rookie Card
  • 1 Holo or Prizm Card
  • 3 numbered or Insert cards

This is the first Max Packs we’ve developed a Formula for that we stick to in the production of Football Mystery Max Packs

    With our floor & ceiling formula we are able to produce amazing packs that are fun to open and full of surprises!

    what makes them so special?

    Of course it’s the cards used in the making of each Football Mystery Max Pack that make it better then any other Re-Pack at the price of $50. The meticulous time consuming task of making sure we’re building the best packs …… It’s also the 5 years experience we have improving how we build our Football Mystery Max Packs and being flexible to see patterns & changes in what the general collector/reseller/flipper wants to see when they open a Football Mystery Max Packs!

    But if you really want to know the secret sauce ? It’s the team that builds Max Packs & continues to improve the cards we use in the production & quality of our brand. Brandon Mcallister & Jim Peters & David Thomas have helped get Max Pack to this level.